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Advanced Communication Skills (English)

Apply the most important insights from psychology to effectively influence the attitude and actions of the people you converse with.

Upcomming dates: 15 june 2023, 21 November 2023


During an interactive program, you will experience how you can operate more persuasively in any situation. The main aim is to reinforce the ability to influence and convince your stakeholders. We will focus on practical insights to improve your communication techniques and increase your level of authority.

The program is always based on specific learning goals given by the participants. Based on these goals a tailor-made program will be made for the training. 

These are examples of topics that can be covered during the workshop: 

  • To which persuasive techniques is the brain receptive to and how can you apply them?
  • What are the main principles of clear communication? 
  • How can you stay in control of any situation? 
  • How can you formulate a failsafe argument? 
  • What is the effective use of hand gestures and how can I create authority with my voice?
  • How can you recognize and counter tricks and logical fallacies?

As a result, after the training in Advanced Communication Skills you will have:

  • Useful knowledge and techniques applicable in practice
  • Mastered these techniques in a supportive learning environment 
  • Extension of your communication skills
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Advanced Communication Skills (English)

Target audience

This training has been specially developed for professionals who want to increase their influence.


The training is very interactive and uses different working methods.  Due to the small group, there is a lot of attention during the training for the different learning goals and situations of the participants. The approach is not standard, but focuses on the concrete context of the participant. Through direct feedback, participants gain insight in their personal persuasive style and receive practical advice on how to broaden their skills.


The practice-oriented approach delivers immediate results. The lessons are not abstract and vague, but concrete and immediately applicable. The training is successful due to the result-oriented approach and the high quality of the training.


1 day

Group size

Maximum of 12 people


Utrecht, The Netherlands


€499,- excl TAX, Lunch included

In-company request for

Advanced Communication Skills (English)

Incompany training

Want to facilitate this training for a group? No problem! We are happy to discuss the wishes for tailor-made training. We do this at any desired location, but of course also at our place in Utrecht.