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Presenting with Impact

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Presenting with Impact

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Learn to present like a pro

Imagine how fantastic it would be if we lived in a world where we judge plans and ideas based on substantive arguments. In reality, the speaker’s charisma plays a major role. With the training “Presenting with impact” you will learn how to appear powerful, convincing, and credible both verbally and non-verbally.

Speakers who are fully present and focus on their audience come across as much stronger than speakers who mechanically deliver their message. You can develop charisma and with proven techniques, it is possible to give a world-class presentation. During the training “Presenting with impact” your personal style is leading and the following topics are covered:

  • Personal tips and techniques
  • Gasp the attention of the audience
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Use of body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions for non-verbal impact
  • Using your voice with authority
  • Dealing with resistance and difficult questions
  • Communicate complex content clearly
  • The secret rhetorical techniques of Obama, Martin Luther King, and Steve Jobs.

Presenting strongly means presenting authentically. During the training, we look at your personal style, so that you appear strong and natural.

How do we approach the training?

Our approach focuses on your specific learning goals and development questions. You will strengthen your presentation skills through individual and group assignments. By practicing practically and gaining experience, you will become increasingly familiar with presenting and gain insight into your personal style. The groups are small, so that the trainer can give personal attention to each participant. Through constructive feedback from both the trainer and fellow students, you become aware of how you come across and learn how to strengthen this.


The result of this practice-oriented approach will be immediately noticeable. The lessons are concrete and directly applicable in practice. After following this training, you will know the secrets behind a strong presentation and you will dare to take the stage.

Who is this training for?

This training has been specially developed for professionals who are good in their field and who want to further strengthen their presentation skills.


1 day

Group size

Maximum of 10 people




€499,- excl. VAT
Including lunch

Upcomming dates

25 January 2024

Can’t find a date that suits you? Let us know! Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to think along with you!